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In a connected, digital world, campaigns are no longer won on Wall Street or K Street. They're won on streets like Locust Street in Des Moines, IA where presidential candidates have launched their political dreams and started some of America's most meaningful conversations. Today, every voter and consumer has a voice.

We believe successful campaigns begin and end locally. Locust Street delivers integrated communications and public affairs campaigns for leading corporations and associations. Our approach is to target and reach the audiences who matter most to your brand and reputation to shape public opinion.

David Barnhart

David Barnhart is the founding partner of Locust Street Group. A veteran field operations manager with experience in national, state and local campaigns, Barnhart combines tested political strategies with seasoned grassroots management to deliver successful results for the Locust Street Group's corporate clients.

Monika Ciereszko

Monika is a program director for the firm's Community Solutions team and manages strategic program operations for all Locust Health projects and clients. In her role at Locust and prior experiences, Monika has cultivated a wide range of skill sets including managing the logistics, operations, IT, and compliance for multiple political and corporate projects. Before joining Locust, Monika served as a member of the headquarter operations team for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016.

Angy Dixon

Angy is the Chief Operating Officer for the Locust Street Group. She handles the day-to-day operations of the firm to include human resources, finance, information technology, and risk management. Together, with the senior partners, she leverages business performance data to affect improvements and innovations in the firm's operations.

Alexander Dobranic

Alexander is a political consultant and campaign manager for the firm's Community Solutions team. While Alex specializes in data & analytics, he has spent a large portion of his career training and directing large field staffs in direct community engagement. By combining extensive experience in field with the tools of advanced data and analytics, Alex now provides unique insights to high-profile non-profits and private clients on producing tangible, data-driven results with a field-oriented mindset.

Leah Ferguson

Leah is the Senior Director of Communications at Locust Street Group, where she works to develop and implement strategic communications plans for the firm's clients. Leah brings diverse corporate communications and reputation management experience to the team. Her background includes strategic communications advisory, CEO thought leadership development, media training, and event management.

Dave Herrero

Dave is a partner at Locust Street where he designs and oversees numerous multi-million dollar strategic public affairs, advocacy, and communications campaigns. His expertise is in grassroots advocacy, community marketing, health care and other public policy issues. Dave previously worked for a leading U.S. foreign policy think tank as well as on Capitol Hill as a legislative staffer to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ben Jenkins

Ben is a partner at Locust Street Group, where he oversees the firm's rapidly expanding communications practice, providing direct strategic communications counsel and support on behalf of all clients. With over 15 years of public affairs experience, Ben helps coalitions, corporations, and trade associations achieve industry and business objectives through national, state, and local earned media management.

Kelly Klass

Kelly is the Communications Director for Locust Street Group, where she develops and implements media strategies for a variety of clients. She brings years of grassroots, policy, and communications experience, helping businesses, corporations, and organizations position themselves as industry leaders in Washington, D.C. and across the country.

Joe Maloney

Joe is a partner at Locust Street Group, leading campaigns for national trade associations and Fortune 100 companies addressing public affairs threats and opportunities. He has successfully created and built multi-million dollar public affairs operations in the telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing and high tech industries.

Amanda Moorhead

Amanda is a seasoned public affairs, policy, and communications strategist with nearly 20 years of experience at the highest levels of advocacy in Washington, D.C. As a partner at Locust Street Group, Amanda advises non-profits, national trade associations, and coalitions on raising brand awareness and increasing influence among policymakers and thought leaders across the country.

Jackie Morgan

Jackie is a campaign manager for the firm's Community Solutions team. She works closely with clients to develop strategic community engagement campaigns and manage teams to see that all clients' needs are met. Prior to her work at Locust Health, Jackie gained her political and community organizing experience in her home state of Utah where she managed multiple local campaigns, ballot initiatives as well as consulted on digital and communications for a wide variety of clients.

Jamie Morris

Jamie is a Director at Locust Street Group, where she develops and executes compelling storytelling campaigns for a wide range of the firm’s public affairs clients. From town halls to the nation’s capital, Jamie builds upon nearly a decade of experience from working with non-profits, advocacy organizations, associations, and corporations to deliver winning communications strategies.

Phillip Morris

Phillip is a partner at Locust Street Group where he leads the firm's strategic communications and insights practice. He advises Fortune 500 companies and associations across industries to help clients build their brand and shape corporate reputation with winning messaging. He has deep communications experience advising clients on everything from marketing and advertising to crisis communications and media relations.

Jacqui Painter

Jacqui is a campaign manager for the firm's Community Solutions team, currently managing a team of Outreach Specialists working in the New York City metro area. Jacqui joined the Locust family two years ago as an organizer and brings a nuanced background of grassroots engagement to her management of projects and teams. Prior to that, Jacqui was an Organizer on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign team in Iowa.

Brian Parks

Brian is a top grassroots advocacy professional, responsible for leading advocacy campaigns and working to identify and empower key activists throughout the country on behalf of Locust Street Group clients.

Tom Rodriguez

Tom is a senior director in the firm's strategic communications and insights practice. He works with clients to craft compelling communications strategies and messages designed to move hearts and minds. He's advised Fortune 500 companies, associations, and political campaigns at every level on their communications and outreach strategies across the U.S.

Nick Schneeberger

Nick specializes in planning, implementing, and managing integrated grassroots campaigns at scale, coalition building, strategic messaging, corporate reputation consultation, and content development. Having spent the majority of his career working on emerging technology issues, Nick brings an innovation-driven perspective to grassroots and corporate communications engagement . Prior to joining Locust Street, Nick served as a Vice President, Strategic Operations at Direct Impact where he was responsible for designing and implementing public affairs and public relations campaigns for some of the firm’s largest corporate clients, prior to his time at Direct Impact, Nick started his career at DCI Group. Nick holds a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Business Management from Tulane University.

Zack Schmaltz

Zack is an associate at Locust Street Group, where he supports the firm's communications and grassroots advocacy teams. Zack works on state-level and national advocacy campaigns, generating written content and developing strategic messaging for trade associations, nonprofits, and corporate clients.

Nina Verghese

Nina is an accomplished veteran of national and local field campaign and serves as Locust Street Group's national field director. Verghese manages a vast network of field and press operative designing unique, winning strategies for our clients.

Hayley Zachary

Hayley is a partner at Locust Street Group and leads the firm's Community Solutions team. Hayley's clients rely on her to deliver tangible results that help meet their business objectives, including lead-generation, sales, retention, customer loyalty, and brand identification. Hayley brings more than a dozen years of experience in issue advocacy, community engagement, communications strategy, coalition management, and electoral campaigns from state legislative to presidential races.


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