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With a presence in 50 states, we help brands, businesses and organizations reach the audiences that matter most.

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Strong Representation in all 50 states


  • Former Executive Director of State Party
  • Former Chief of Staff to Governor
  • Congressional Campaign Manager


  • Former Policy Advisor to the Governor
  • Previous Legislative Aide to State Legislature
  • Former State Official


  • Previous Policy Advisor for two U.S. Senators
  • Former U.S. House Legislative Aide & Chief of Staff
  • Former White House Appointee, Department of Agriculture
  • Gubernatorial Appointee


  • Former Chief of Staff to California State Assembly Speaker
  • Western Regional Political Director for Presidential Campaign
  • Presidential Primary Candidate Consultant
  • Coordinated Multiple Proposition Campaigns


  • Former City Council Member
  • Previous Communications Director for State Party
  • Coordinated Multi-State Issue Based Campaign


  • Represented Over 250 Companies & Non-Profits Over the Last Decade
  • Former State House Staffer
  • Former U.S. Senate Staffer


  • President/CEO of one of the largest statewide business associations
  • Successful State Lobbyist with two decades of experience


  • Built more than 50 statewide and federal coalitions
  • State Political Party Executive Director
  • Congressional Campaign Manager
  • Statewide Coordinated Campaign Manager
  • U.S. Senate, U.S. House & State Legislative Senior Advisor


  • Former Gubernatorial Campaign Manager
  • Current Gubernatorial Commission Appointee
  • Previously Served on House Budget Study Committee
  • Former Presidential Campaign Staffer


  • Managed Over 14 Legislative Battles in the Past Decade
  • Presidential Primary Candidate Consultant
  • Former House Staffer


  • Former State Representative and Party Caucus Chairman
  • Previous State Party Communications Director
  • State Political Party Chair
  • State Senior Advisor & Field Director


  • Previous Congressional Campaign Manager
  • Former Congressional Campaign Committee Staff
  • Senior Staff on Multiple Presidential Campaigns


  • Former Finance Director for Congressional Candidates
  • Managed Over 50 Grasstops Campaigns Over the Past Decade
  • Former Staffers From the Majority Parties in Both the Indiana House & Indiana Senate


  • Previous United States Ambassador
  • Prior State Party Chairman
  • Former State Governor Communication Director
  • 20 Years of Field & Communication Management


  • Former Senate Campaign Manager
  • Former Senate Chief of Staff


  • Previous Senior Policy Advisor to State Senate Caucus and Senate President
  • Former White House Staffer
  • Former State Government Official


  • Former Field Director for U.S. Senate Campaign
  • Former State Party Executive Director
  • Former State Field Director


  • Over 20 Years of Managing Field Campaign Teams
  • Former Staffers for Candidate & Referenda Campaigns
  • Former Transition Team Members for State & Federal Elected Officials


  • Previous CEO of the State’s Largest Chamber of Commerce
  • Previous Government Affairs Director for Fortune 100 Company


  • Previous Director of the Massachusetts Office of Business Development
  • Former Presidential Campaign State Director
  • Former Senior Political Advisor to Senate President
  • Senior Political Advisor to the Speaker of the State House


  • Senate Campaign Manger
  • Congressional Campaign Manager
  • Senate Field Director
  • Former Senate, Congressional & Gubernatorial Chiefs of Staff
  • Former State Party Chair


  • Senate Campaign Manager
  • Congressional Campaign Manager
  • State Senior Advisor & Field Director
  • Presidential State Campaign Manager


  • Former House Campaign Manager
  • Former Presidential Campaign Staffer


  • Previous Gubernatorial Director of Communications
  • Former State Party Director of Communications


  • Former Executive Director of a State Party
  • Previous Chief Policy Advisor to State House Caucus
  • Former Senate Campaign Staffer


  • Senate Campaign Manager
  • Former Legislative Aide for U.S. Senator
  • State Senior Advisor & Field Director
  • Presidential State Campaign Manager
  • Presidential State Field Director
  • Former Gubernatorial Chief of Staff


  • Former Senatorial Campaign Staffer
  • Former Senior Staff Member to the Governor
  • Campaign Strategist for House Races

New Hampshire

  • Senior – Level Policy Aide to Former Governor
  • Previous State Director for Presidential Campaign
  • Former Presidential Senior Political Advisor
  • Former State House Legislative Aide

New Jersey

  • Presidential State Political Director
  • Senate & Congressional Legislative Aide
  • Former Cabinet Staffer
  • Senate, House & State Senior Advisor
  • Senate, House & State Field Director

New Mexico

  • Former U.S. Senate & Congressional Staff Member
  • Former New Mexico State Government Official

New York

  • Previous Regional Director for U.S. Senator
  • Legislative Aide for State Assembly Majority Leader
  • Former Issue State Campaign Director

North Carolina

  • Former Presidential Candidate Steering Committee Member
  • Consultant & Spokesperson for Issue Advocacy Groups Around Key Elections

North Dakota

  • Presidential State Campaign Manager
  • Former State Official
  • Former Senior Staff to Governor


  • Executive Director of Two State Organizations
  • Previous District Director for U.S. Senator
  • Former Congressional Campaign Staffer


  • Presidential State Campaign Manager
  • Presidential State Filed Director
  • Party Fundraiser & Activist
  • Former State Government Official


  • Previous Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Fortune 500 Company
  • Former State Director of Oregon Congressional Races
  • State Director for Presidential & Statewide Campaigns


  • Gubernatorial Advisory Council Appointee
  • Previously Served on the White House Conference on Small Business
  • Former Executive Director of the State Party Committee
  • Former Deputy Press Secretary to Governor

Rhode Island

  • Former Deputy Chief of Staff to a Rhode Island Governor
  • State House Legislative Aide

South Carolina

  • Former Communications Advisor to Senate Majority Leader
  • Former Communications Director for National Party
  • Senior Advisor to a National Party Convention
  • Senior Spokesperson for a Presidential Party Nominee

South Dakota

  • Former Senate Staff Field Director
  • Former Local Government Communications Director


  • Senate Campaign Manager
  • Congressional Campaign Manager
  • Fundraiser for State House Caucus
  • State Senate Caucus Press Secretary
  • State Party Campaign Director


  • Spokesman for Statewide Oil & Gas Association
  • Special Adviser to State House Energy Caucus
  • Top Legislative Lobbyist
  • Former State House Aide


  • State House Campaign Operative
  • Party Fundraiser & Activist


  • Congressional Legislative Aide
  • Party Fundraiser & Activist


  • Former Finance Director for a State Party
  • Previous Gubernatorial Communications Director
  • Previous Communications Director for a Former Vice President


  • Former State Party Chair
  • Former White House & Federal Agency Appointee
  • Former Congressional Field Representative

West Virginia

  • Former State Official in Several Gubernatorial Administrations
  • Former Member of State House


  • Former Assembly Majority Leader
  • Previous Chief of Staff for a U.S. Senator
  • Former Deputy Secretary of Commerce Department

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